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Stumbling Blocks

Page history last edited by Juliette Culver 12 years, 4 months ago

Hopefully, this is accurate record of the problems we encountered - please correct if not, and feel free to add to this list or include more details.


  • Most of the databases do not have an easily-findable single page explaining what data it is possible to obtain in machine-readable format and how
  • Some of the databases do not have a link from the webpage for a record to the RDF (or json) for the record e.g. British Museum
  • Some of the databases do not make it possible to obtain all the RDF for a set of search results at once e.g. Perseus, British Museum. The CLAROS database shows the SPARQL query for a web search at the bottom of the page - we found this very useful.
  • It would be useful if the page for a SPARQL endpoint had examples of SPARQL queries
  • It is not possible to do a keyword search on the CLAROS database
  • Although many of the databases have Pelagios-compliant RDF, there is often no RDF or SPARQL endpoint for the original database so that the Pelagios-complaint data annotated with Pleiades placesnames can be merged
  • Pleiades - the DARMC information is not available in the json or RDF formats for a record. 
  • Need to convert URIs for coordinates to actual coordinates - would be useful to have as literals as well as URIs.
  • Problem with query timeout on the CLAROS database
  • SPARQL query engines not optimised for full-text searching
  • Managed to get CLAROS data by doing a google search that wasn't possible to obtain from CLAROS itself!
  • Difficult to tell that temporal data (or what type of temporal data) exists for some objects in the CLAROS database because a large proportion of the objects do not have temporal data. Likely to be true of many object databases due to reluctance to assign dates. Generally difficult to get overview of the quality of data in a database.
  • Only commonality in the data was the spatial data. 

Comments (1)

Sean Gillies said

at 8:41 am on Dec 2, 2011

"Pleiades - the DARMC information is not available in the json or RDF formats for a record." - It's not clear to me how this is a stumbling block. It's quite easy to release new features on Pleiades, we just need more details about what people are looking for.

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